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Exmoor Rotary: Contact Us

The Rotary Club of Exmoor welcomes email correspondence about events organised by other Rotary Clubs. If you are a Rotary Club please add us to any email lists you have.

We have encoded all email addresses on this site to avoid 'spambots', computers that crawl through web-sites looking for email addresses for nefarious purposes.

Most club officers can be contacted using obvious email prefixes such as president@ or secretary@ or youth@ etc.
CLICK TO EMAIL Where you see this email symbol on the site, you can click to email directly.

So, for instance, you can email for general information to info or instead of 'info' you can substitute:

challenge, community, foundation, it, youth-challenge, membership, past-president, president, president-elect, pro, secretary, speaker-secretary, treasurer, webmaster, youth.


For a list of Club Officers' names and how to email them directly, click here.

Our Tuesday lunchtime meetings are held at various locations - check our Home Page for up to date info.